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    Tec Italy
  • Lumina Forza Colore

    A revitalizing treatment that intensifies and prolongs the color of your hair. Excellent for all hair types espically ideal for damaged and dry hair . Contains complex botanical protenis designed to deposit nutrients, conditions,and restore pigment to the hair

  • Lumina Shampoo and Condition

    Color Care Lumina Shampoo is a violet based toning shampoo that revives Bleached, Blond, Highlighted, or Grey hair that has acquired unwanted green, copper, or opaque reflections. Lumina Shampoo keeps highlights in the desired tone and neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in white hair. It provides moisture and nourishes to help strengthen hair

  • Metamorfosis System

    Metamorfosi Shampoo and condition is a temporary relaxing system ideal for people with curly hair who want their hair to be straight. Ideal for controlling frizzy, or curly hair.

  • Silk System Shine Shampoo and Condition

    Silk System Shine Sulfate Free Shampoo and condition is the advanced technology that all opaque, dry and dull hair requires to moisture and nourish it, leaving it with a sensational shine. Since the Silk System Shine does not contain sulfates, it guarantees a moisturizing and nourishing action, completely inhibiting any type of reaction or irritation of the skin, or dryness and the premature extraction of the color of dyed hair. Its extraordinary formula based on silk protein, contain vegetable oil rich in vitamins A, E and liposoluble proteins that nourish and hydrates the hair, giving it great silkiness, softness and shine